This is the older version of the prototype. To play the most recent version, please visit

Faded is a prototype game created as part of my SleepClear project.

SleepClear aims to raise awareness of homelessness issues which many people don't think about. It's my goal to create emotional and interesting gameplay experiences that will hopefully make people think about homelessness in a different way.

The feedback I receive on this prototype will help inform the basis of my Final Major Project at university.


Made withUnity


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I agree that the fading metaphor is powerful, and the story is engaging. I am curious if something else could reinforce this. What happens if the type starts smaller and and we have to struggle to read it? or, As "I" fade, the type gets bigger so that it fills the screen? What happens if the type becomes illegible?

I am curious how this might fit into a larger gaming world? Right now it is a story. Am I supposed to be collecting coins from the passersby? If so, I am not sure how to do that. Do the passersby change if I collect coins? In the future, will there be points of decision? Do I stay with my friends? or go out on the street? Are there choices that might drive me back to my friends?

A text based "game" that you may find interesting:

Thanks for sharing. This is a great start.

The fading metaphor is pretty powerful. I felt like maybe there were too many times I had to press space to get to the final invisible state... Also, I'm thinking maybe you should have the text fade away automatically as well, to reinforce the fadedness. And that would make it so that the very last utterance also fades into nothing.

Overall, it's really interesting to me what kinds of emotions and empathy you can elicit through very simple concepts and minimal design. I wonder, though, whether anyone who doesn't want to read text is going to get anything out of this. and whether anyone who is okay with reading text is already someone who tends towards compassion and empathy... Any thoughts on that?

Thanks for the great feedback! I think you're right about interaction being key and I don't think Faded really has enough gameplay in its current state. Although, I'm not sure about the connection between reading text and tending more towards empathy. It might be interesting to find out though :) Thanks again for the advice, I will definitely take it on board if I continue to update it.